Pet Surrender

Due to high demand, our rescue remains full most of the time. We are NOT currently accepting owner surrenders. However if you have made the difficult decision to re-home your animal, you may fill out the form below to be under consideration if/when a spot becomes available. HART requires a $75 owner surrender fee at the time of intake, unless otherwise arranged with a HART coordinator.

Please put "owner surrender" in the subject line.
Name *
Please describe your situation to help us best assist you.
Type of animal *
Gender *
Is the animal spayed/neutered? *
Up to date on shots? *
Rabies, vaccinations
If you answered "no" above, are you willing to get the animal up to date prior to surrendering?
Has the animal been heartworm tested? *
If you answered "no" or "don't know" above, are you willing to pay for a heartworm test prior to surrendering?
Is the animal currently taking heartworm preventatives? *
Is the animal currently taking flea prevention or have a flea collar? *
Does the animal have any health concerns? *
Please disclose ALL ailments, issues and disabilities if it applies. If we do take your animal we must know the animal's health so we can place them in the right home.
Does the animal have any food sensitivities or allergies? *
Does the animal get along well with cats? *
Does the animal get along well with other dogs? *
Details might include: "Gets along with well females, but not males," or "doesn't like bigger dogs."
Does the animal get along with children? *
Examples might include "Does fine with older children, too rough for younger children."
Please tell us your vet's name, phone number and address. If you do not have a vet, put "N/A"
Have you contacted other rescues or organizations regarding the animal you want to surrender? *
We work closely with other agencies in the area and we are sometimes able to partner with them.
Have you ever surrendered or given away an animal before? *
Please include the type of animal, reason for surrender and who you gave the animal to.
It's best that when you surrender the animal, that you give the animal's belongings so that they feel more comfortable in their new foster home. Do you agree to give HART the animal's belongings? *
HART requires a $75 re-homing fee for each animal at the time of intake unless otherwise arranged with a HART team member. Do agree to pay this fee? *
A valid driver's license or ID from the owner, animal records (if available) and a signed copy of our pet surrender form are required at the time of surrender. Do you agree to this? *
The decision to re-home an animal is a difficult one. Are you 100 percent certain you are prepared to surrender? *
When you surrender an animal to HART you give up all rights to the animal and can not take the animal back. Do you agree to this? *