PetSmart Charities Partnership finalized!

We are so excited for our first National Adoption Weekend at PetSmart this weekend. Our partnership with PetSmart Charities will allow us to take in more animals than ever and show them all off at adoption events. And speaking of more animals ...

On Tuesday, we got a message from some rescuers in the Tullahoma/Coffee County area. We are familiar with this area because have pulled a few dogs from its kill shelter (Cookie, Pedro and Meeko all came from there.) There was an awful eviction/hoarding situation and about a dozen animals needed rescue ASAP! We committed to taking three of the dogs and transported them into foster care on Wednesday. We are so excited to have Sam, Jack and Brownie. They are all getting vetted in the next few days and will be ready for their fur-ever homes soon!

We also took a dog from Dickson, TN needing rescue. With the great run our Nashville Predators are on, we nicknamed him P.K., but couldn't commit, so we still call him by Bernie, his given name!

Stay tuned and we will let our followers know how our first adoption day at PetSmart turns out. Paws crossed!