It's time for a fashion show!

A few months ago, a kind couple in the Donelson area donated a large bin of dog outfits and costumes. We are finally going to put them to use this Sunday at PetSmart. We have several small dogs who can fit into these wardrobes and we can't wait to walk the red carpet with them. We will feature Gracie Belle, Mavis, Cubby and Leonard. Quinn -- a bigger dog who we don't have outfit for -- will also be on hand to greet customers! We can't wait to see you there.

Freedom, at last

Our team has been working really hard to get dogs out of the shelter and into loving homes. We have forged a great relationship with a rural shelter about an hour east of us in Trousdale County. The volunteer staff there works so hard to socialize the dogs who come in and find rescues to take them in. We are so grateful to be able to get loving dogs and change their lives for the better. Finley, Brown and Star were three recent shelter "breakouts" who found their forever homes. We have two more who came into our care this week. We can't wait to show them off.

Please check our adoption page, PetFinder page or Facebook page for updates on all of our sweet souls.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It has been a busy month for HART. One of our longest "residents" got adopted, we took in three dogs from a terrible hoarding/eviction situation south of Nashville, and we got some bad news about one our dog's health.

The Good: Our sweet senior Chow mix, Maggie, was finally adopted. A nice older lady stopped by one of our adoption events at PetSmart and fell in love. A few days later, I dropped her off. Before I left, she was eating treats out of her new owner's hand and getting comfortable on her new bed. Congrats Maggie!

The Bad: I was tagged in a Facebook post about a situation about 90 minutes south of Nashville. The owners of TWELVE dogs were being evicted from their home. HART was able to take in 3 of them (Jack, Sam and Brownie). Brownie, a long-haired chi mix was adopted out about a week ago. Sam is settled in with co-founders Susan and Melissa. We have high hopes that snuggle bug will get adopted in the next week or two. Jack is with me and is adjusting well. However there is more!

The Ugly: At Jack's vet appointment, we learned that he is heartworm positive. His test came up faint so it seems he will make a full recovery! He starts treatment next week. We are hoping for the best. Jack is sweet soul who loves to dance! If you would like to contribute to Jack's care, hop on over to our homepage. Donate button is up top AND at the bottom!

Thanks for all of your support,

Kayla Buckner | President



PetSmart Charities Partnership finalized!

We are so excited for our first National Adoption Weekend at PetSmart this weekend. Our partnership with PetSmart Charities will allow us to take in more animals than ever and show them all off at adoption events. And speaking of more animals ...

On Tuesday, we got a message from some rescuers in the Tullahoma/Coffee County area. We are familiar with this area because have pulled a few dogs from its kill shelter (Cookie, Pedro and Meeko all came from there.) There was an awful eviction/hoarding situation and about a dozen animals needed rescue ASAP! We committed to taking three of the dogs and transported them into foster care on Wednesday. We are so excited to have Sam, Jack and Brownie. They are all getting vetted in the next few days and will be ready for their fur-ever homes soon!

We also took a dog from Dickson, TN needing rescue. With the great run our Nashville Predators are on, we nicknamed him P.K., but couldn't commit, so we still call him by Bernie, his given name!

Stay tuned and we will let our followers know how our first adoption day at PetSmart turns out. Paws crossed!