Thank you for considering HART and our wonderful adoptable animals. All animals are fully vetted prior to adoption (spay/neuter, vaccinated, heartworm tested, on prevention and microchipped.) We also provide any medical treatment necessary for our animals. Most of our dogs are pulled from kill shelters or neglectful homes. All dogs live in foster homes during their time under HART's care so we get to know them! WE DO NOT HAVE A FACILITY OR SHELTER. Adoption fees vary depending on vet costs, breed, size and other factors. We are 100 percent volunteer based, so please allow our fabulous team some time after submitting an application. Once you submit an application, no further messages are needed. We do our best to review within 48-72 hours. Adoption application below.

Adoption Application

In this application  we ask a series of questions about your home, current pets, family and plans for the dog. Please be forthcoming, as the questions are meant to ensure that all HART animals are adopted into a loving home that fits its needs. 


Name *
Please include your zip code and city!
Do you currently own any pets? *
Please put "N/A" if you answered "no."
If you own another dog(s), are they spayed/neutered? *
Do you rent or own your home? *
If you rent, do you know your property manager's pet policy?
Example: Breed/weight restrictions.
Do you have a fenced in yard? *
Do you plan to keep this animal as an indoor pet? *
Do you plan to crate train or use a crate? *
Are there children living in the home? *
Put N/A if you answered "no."
Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter or a rescue *
Have you ever euthanized a pet for reasons other than poor health? *
On average, the cost of owning a dog is about $1,300 per year. Are you able to financially support a pet for the duration of its life? *
Before any HART animal is adopted, he/she is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Before any adoption is finalized, HART requires that a certified member of our team do a home check, receive a signed copy of our adoption agreement (below), and collect the adoption fee. Do you agree to these terms? *
I declare that I have answered the questions on this adoption application truthfully and to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Hermitage Animal Relief Team has the right to refuse any application at its discretion. I understand that adopting is commitment to the animal for the duration of its life and agree to care for the animal with proper food, exercise, vet care and attention. In the unfortunate event that I must surrender the animal at any time in the future, I will first contact HART and not attempt to rehome on my own. I understand that I will have a 7-day “trial” period. If I choose to return my adopted animal after the 7-day trial period, my adoption fee is non-refundable. I understand that a home check might be requested before my adoption is finalized. Should any of the information submitted on this application be determined false or intentionally misleading, HART retains the right to cancel all adoption proceedings and/or to order the surrender of any dog adopted based on the information provided herein. The applicant/adopter affirms his/her understanding it will be his/her responsibility to surrender the dog at a location determined by HART. *